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3 Factors When It Comes To Number of Grafts

The three factors that are involved with the number of grafts that a person gets are as follow:

1) How many grafts does one need?  In other words, in an ideal world, what is the number of grafts that would totally provide the coverage that the patient needs to get a great outcome in terms of coverage and density.

2) How many does the client want?  The patient may need a certain amount but may not want that number.  This may come down to price or a difference in desire for coverage.

3)  How many grafts can we get?  This is dependent upon the donor area in terms of area and density.  Someone may need and desire a certain amount of grafts, but it may not be obtainable due to a poor donor area.

These are always the 3 factors that will be gone over during the consult.  By the time the client leaves the consult, he or she and Dr. Arora will have a good idea about the answer to these three questions.


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