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Donor Area After Procedure

I am sometimes asked about the donor site at the back of the head, from where the hair follicles are obtained.  The question is usually – since the follicles are removed, how does that donor area look?, is it obvious that there is less hair back there?

The follicles taken from donor area will obviously not grow back, but they are well spaced when taken out and the result is that it would be very hard to tell we were back there.  If you were to cut your hair with 1 guard, and someone were forced to stand behind you, let’s say in an elevator, possibly one could notice a little less density.  Otherwise, it would be very difficult, especially if the density of the donor area is good to begin with.  We recently did 2300 grafts on a client who wore his hair short (1 guard) and had low density in the donor area.  With that being said, it is incredibly difficult to see any evidence that he has less hair in the back now that the procedure has been done.  And now that he has a nice hairline and crown density, he will be growing his hair longer anyway.

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