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We get many clients who come in after researching the two main options for hair transplants – Neograft and the “Strip” method.   By far, most of the clients who come through our doors have already done their research and have decided they have no interest in the strip method – they don’t even want to hear about it.  They do not want a surgical incision which removes a piece of their scalp, and they do not want a permanent linear scar that is left when the surgical incision is then closed.    Some clients have even had a previous transplant using the strip method, desire more grafting coverage,  and also do not want to hear about having another strip procedure.  They have complained of the post-op pain, numbness, longer downtime, and the scar.   Which result is better?   There are endless posts on this – but having seen hundreds upon hundreds of each, the short answer is that the results are very similar.  The skill of the technicians is all important, and luckily, most technicians out there are very good.  Beautiful, whole, viable grafts are obtained from either method.  Consider the costs,the downtime,  the advantages of a much less invasive procedure, and by all means ask people who have had one or the other procedure done.

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