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Can future hair loss be minimized?

Yes, absolutely.  After your hair transplant, we will put you on what we feel is the best regimen to prevent further hair loss, including Rogaine, Laser Light therapy, Ketochonazole shampoo, and possibly Propecia, depending on your age and tolerability of that drug.  All these are meant to put your […]

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How long does it take to see results?

12 months is a good rule of thumb as to when the final result of the hair transplant is in.  That being said, you should be able to start seeing the results at about the 3 or 4 month stage, and then it should get stronger and […]

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Are There Times When “Strip” Is Preferred?

There are times when the client does not have a good donor area. Hair loss can sometimes be very aggresive, both coming far down from the crown, and also coming up from the neck in what we call “retrograde alopecia.” In these instances and in some others, […]

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How Important Is Post-Procedure Aftercare?

Obviously, the week following the hair transplant is a very important time. This includes following the detailed post-procedure instructions we hand out to each transplant patient. We instruct, among other things, how to protect the grafts, how to shower, what to use and what not to use, […]

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Do we ever retrieve hair from other areas of the body?

The short answer is no.  Clients every once in a while (rarely) will come in and ask if we can take hair from the chest, back, axilla; even other areas!  The nature of the hair from other sites besides the back of the head is very different, […]

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3 Factors When It Comes To Number of Grafts

The three factors that are involved with the number of grafts that a person gets are as follow: 1) How many grafts does one need?  In other words, in an ideal world, what is the number of grafts that would totally provide the coverage that the patient […]

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Donor Area After Procedure

I am sometimes asked about the donor site at the back of the head, from where the hair follicles are obtained.  The question is usually – since the follicles are removed, how does that donor area look?, is it obvious that there is less hair back there? […]

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Wearing hair short after FUE procedure

How short can you wear your hair after an FUE procedure?  This question sometimes comes up because clients who are balding sometimes wear their hair very closely cropped as a preference in general or specifically to try to mask the hair loss.  We just did a 2500 […]

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We get many clients who come in after researching the two main options for hair transplants – Neograft and the “Strip” method.   By far, most of the clients who come through our doors have already done their research and have decided they have no interest in the strip method […]

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Follow Up to Expense of Neograft vs. “Strip”

A very well informed young man came into the office yesterday for a consult.   He had been to Bosley for a consult and complained to me that not only did he never see an M.D., but that the pressure was intense to sell the procedure to him.  What […]

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