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Neograft vs. Strip Method

Traditional hair restoration procedures provided thicker hair in balding areas of the scalp but also resulted in a long, noticeable, scar around the posterior scalp. The technology of NeoGraft is able to provide thicker and more natural-looking results. Ideal candidates for NeoGraft are those whose hair is thinning on some locations of the scalp, such as the, hair line, anterior scalp, or the crown, but still have hair on the back of their head thick enough for transplantation. Traditional hair restoration treatments would actually remove sections of the scalp which still produced thick hair and transplant it to sections of the scalp which suffered from hair loss. NeoGraft, however, circumvents the entire arduous process of using a graft of your scalp by transplanting the hair follicles themselves.

“Strip” Surgical Incision (Donor Site)


Neograft (Donor Site)

The advanced NeoGraft technology removes each individual hair follicle chosen to transplant and inserts that hair follicle into the scalp where balding has occurred. This technique avoids the noticeable scarring typical of tradition hair restoration procedures.  NeoGraft creates thicker hair and a more natural hairline because  there is more control exactly where each follicle is placed. Patients should keep in mind, that like natural hair, hair growth takes time. Once the grafted hair sheds within two to three weeks, patients may look forward to their newly advanced hairline within four to six months.

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